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Sorry, the board is unavailable we are in the process of revamping the skin and some functionality of the site to get it ready for the change for the games being made by Divided-Allegiance Entertainment. Most all old posts will be removed. Your accounts will NOT be lost..

We will be back soon as we can for people donating for the forums and Team Speak, please email Recon at and you can still donate to Paypal using that email The guild for Divided-Allegiance is now retired after all these years, I have not have time for the last few years, and after wards, Ryu didn't either, so we decided to close the community as a whole.. The site will come back on in the future for game development and for games being made for gaming. Thanks for the many years we all had together, it was a pleasure playing games with all of you.. Check the site out in the future if you have an interest in watching us make games and you will be able to buy our games as well. ..